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Hold “Chinese Overseas Investment Results Exposition” in the UN Headquarter

“The Belt and Road” are put forward by the Chinese leaders, which have got support and participation of 65 countries along the line and most of countries all over the world. In the promotion of building “the Belt and Road”, China has infused “China Power” into the development of the world economy and the stability and sustainable development of the region, including infrastructure, production capacity cooperation, adding the state tax, employment, improvement of the regional transportation facilities and development environment, also including eliminating poverty, public welfare of medical care and education. To encourage more Chinese enterprises in joining the great undertaking and seek more support for China’s implementation of “the Belt and Road” from more countries in the world, OIUC will organize Chinese enterprises to visit “Chinese Overseas Investment Results Exposition” in the UN Headquarter (New York) on Oct 1st 2016, and advertise China’s “the Belt and Road” through the world media.

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