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2017 summit of the North American summit Mongolia The Belt and Road project and focused on signing ceremony and docking
All concerned units:
In order to thoroughly implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council "The Belt and Road" national strategy, combined with the spirit of the May 14-15 national "The Belt and Road International Cooperation Forum President Xi Jinping's speech, the sea Association (China international economic and Technical Cooperation Association of overseas Joint Working Committee referred to as Chinese) association to promote the" The Belt and Road construction the official platform, will visit Mongolia in June 17-21 period, "The Belt and Road forum" held on major project matchmaking, and contributed to the relevant units held focused on signing ceremony and the foundation.
After the early and Maoming ethylene industry group, Mongolia embassy, Mongolia Department of transportation and other units of the consultation, the sea association to promote the Sino Mongolian 3+ 2 Department of cultural and economic corridor "and promote the smooth implementation of development along the industry in 2017 as the" North "focus. This visit will be organized in the Mongolian Ministry of culture 3+ 2 Economic Corridor Project: "the first phase of the capital Ulan Bator, highway second city darkhan groundbreaking ceremony, at the same time. The project of Mongolia ministries, Ulan Bator city to start docking and hold the" north peak will".
During the "The Belt and Road" International Cooperation Forum, President Xi Jinping met with China to attend the forum, the Prime Minister of Mongolia Nga Feilden Bart. Xi Jinping pointed out that Mongolia is "important countries along the Belt and Road Initiative". China welcomes Mongolia to actively participate in the "The Belt and Road construction. The two sides should implement the trade and investment, interconnection, agriculture and animal husbandry, productivity, energy and other areas of cooperation, "The Belt and Road" initiative and Mongolia "development" initiative to produce effective docking. To promote the Sino Mongolian economic corridor construction, helping the three sides common development. Nga Feilden Bart said that the development of friendly cooperation with China is the priority of Mongolia. Mongolia is willing to play a role as a bridge between Europe and Asia, and actively participate in the construction of The Belt and Road "under the framework of mutually beneficial cooperation.
During the "The Belt and Road" International Cooperation Forum, Mongolia's prime minister Nga Feilden Bart personally and sea association president Zheng Shuai and Maoming ethylene industry group chairman Huang Zhi forum. Premier Nga Feilden Bart listened to the "Sino Mongolian 3+ 2 cultural and economic corridor" planning and planning, and for the first phase of the project to give recognition and support. Ambassador Ganga Dage of Mongolia and Chinese ambassador to Mongolia, Xing Haiming, also expressed their appreciation for the joint promotion of Sino Mongolian cooperation. Premier Nga Feilden Bart welcomed the organization of the association of trade unions to visit Mongolia in June. The Ministry of communications of the Mongolia and other relevant units will do a good job of reception and business negotiation.
The sea Federation visit to Mongolia is an important measure to promote the implementation of the 2017 "six strategies", but also the implementation of the sea Association "landing" results; also believe that the sea Association member companies and interested in "The Belt and Road construction enterprises a harvest trip.
First of all, this is China held "The Belt and Road International Cooperation Forum successfully signed during the first project, after a lapse of one month in Mongolia held the first to start the groundbreaking ceremony; at the same time, also determine the presidential candidate in political parties in Mongolia after the Sino Mongolian cooperation in major projects before the formal vote. Therefore, the successful construction of the project and the foundation laying ceremony have important influence!
The capital of the start of Ulan Bator -- second big city darkhan Expressway 230 km, is an important part of Mongolia 3+ 2 Department of the corridor. The Ministry of communications of the Mongolia agrees that China will use RMB for investment and plans to invest in cooperation with Chinese enterprises. The joint venture will work with the Maoming ethylene industry group to launch funds and seek national policy bank funding. At the same time, the visit will also discuss and dock the railway investment projects of the Sino Mongolian 3+ 2 corridors.
In addition to the basic construction project, Inner Mongolia sea Association Committee will also promote Mongolia's basic energy and basic building materials production: including an annual handling capacity of 2 million tons of crude oil refinery, to solve the Mongolia Guofu oil storage but rely heavily on imports of refined oil situation; and an annual output of 850 thousand steel plants, with an annual output of 120 thousand copper smelter tons, in order to meet the Mongolia national development foundation building materials demand.
Ulan Bator's shantytowns, the construction of new cities and investment in medical facilities are included in the scope of this visit. Mongolia plans to use resources compensation to attract the investment companies of the association.
The investigation of Nga Feilden Bart and the Prime Minister of Mongolia, will also visit Mongolia Mongolia chairman of the state great Hural (the president) Enkhbold.
Inspection time: June 17, 2017 -6 21.
The investigation by the sea Association executive president Mr. Zheng Shuai personally led the delegation to go to study in Mongolia, composed of members of the delegation from the sea Association of outstanding enterprises, and invited the relevant ministries and experts to accompany, the leadership of the Mongolia national leaders and ministries will come forward to host and participate in relevant meetings and the signing ceremony. In order to better promote the "Sino Mongolian 3+ 2 cultural and economic corridor" project docking, please actively participate in the relevant units to negotiate and visit the project. Registration deadline: June 5, 2017.
In June 17th, Beijing, China, flew to Mongolia, the capital of Ulan Bator
Host a welcome dinner
In June 18th, the Mongolian Ministry of culture 3+ 2 economic corridor "first projects: capital Ulan Bator, highway second big city darkhan groundbreaking ceremony
Present leadership:
Mongolia Prime Minister Nga Feilden Bart
Mongolia's Ministry of communications, the government of the Ulan Bator and the senior leadership of the Darhan administration
1, the traditional foundation laying ceremony of Mongolia
2, Mongolia leader
3, medium
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