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2017 summit of the South China Sea association Laos, Thailand The Belt and Road project focused on signing and docking and launching ceremony
All concerned units:
In order to thoroughly implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council "The Belt and Road" national strategy, combined with the mid May national "The Belt and Road forum held a victory China sea Association (Chinese international economic and Technical Cooperation Association overseas joint working committee for short) as China Science Association to promote the" The Belt and Road construction important official platform that will visit Laos and Thailand during June 11-16, "The Belt and Road forum" held on major project matchmaking, and contributed to the relevant units held and focused on signing ceremony.
After the early and the SASAC, Chinese railway company and other units of the consultation, China sea association to promote the "old railway" and "China Railway" and promote the smooth implementation of development along the industry as the "down" the focus of work in 2017. Comprehensive cooperation opportunity construction safety situation this visit will cooperate with relevant departments of national research "in the old railway" and "China Railway", at the same time the sea Association will also deploy "project four intermodal hub system" held "the South summit".
Laos is the shortest country that connects China with ASEAN countries by land, and is the gateway for China to implement the "China - South Peninsula Economic Corridor". In recent years, Laos's economic development has been in good shape, especially with the start of the 40 billion China Laos railway, which was launched in late 2016. Laos will usher in a golden period of investment". The Lao government decided to use the resources to change funds to complete the investment of the old railway, which will greatly promote the exploitation and processing of the agriculture, forestry and mineral resources in laos. In 2015, the China Federation of maritime affairs established the working committee in laos. In 2016, the organization organized two visits to Laos, where Chinese former Prime Minister Wu Guixian and former Deputy Prime Minister Songsava attended the summit of the summit meeting in order to build a platform for Chinese enterprises to invest in laos. After careful planning, the Sea Union landed in Laos project has made substantial progress.
As an extension of the old railway, the Sino Thai railway, with a total investment of 54 billion, will begin construction. Thailand is located in the central position of ASEAN, with obvious regional advantages and preferential policies for attracting foreign investment. After the new king of Thailand boarded the plane, the domestic political situation was stable, and the military in Thailand repeatedly purchased arms from China, which proved that the two countries had closer relations. At present, China is still the second largest source of direct investment in Thailand. With the implementation of China's "going out" strategy, more and more Chinese enterprises are entering Thailand. In the background of "The Belt and Road" strategy to promote all-round under the bilateral economic and trade cooperation has entered the best period in history. China sea Association and the China friendly relations association signed and close cooperation, organized in 2016 visit Thailand and Thailand Railway Bureau organized the project consultation meetings in 2017 and reached consensus on cooperation on Utapau project.
The visit will be organized by the China Association of maritime affairs and organized jointly with the relevant government departments of Laos and Thailand. The China Seas Federation has held many consultations and inspections on major projects of the two countries, and discussed cooperation with the governments and owners of the two countries, and formulated detailed plans. The project includes:
In the extension line of the old railway and Thailand railway hub system distribution strategy, "four multimodal transport", respectively is the construction of Luang Prabang province and the Mekong River in the central part of the old railway as the center of the "Iron River transport", in the old railway to the east end point was extended to Bolikansai province and Vietnam Ha Tinh province Unicom permanent ang Kong "iron sea transport" in Thailand railway expansion of Bangkok airport and end point tapao built bonded logistics park "rail and air transport, built across India ocean and the South Pacific Railway and the Deepwater wharf" iron transport port in southern Thailand".
Once the hub system of the four multimodal transport is completed, it will enrich the transportation level and network of the middle and old railway and the Sino Thai railway, and promote the economic development of the economic corridor in the central and southern peninsula.
A "Luang Prabang, Laos (Mekong) economic corridor development project"
1, Luang Prabang in northern Laos, also called "Luang Buddhist Center is Darfur state, Laos, was in Lancang (Meng SAO), the kingdom of Lancang (South palm), Luang Prabang Lancang Wang States, cultural tourism resources are very rich, listed by UNESCO World Heritage list.
2, the Lao government has approved the establishment of a new special economic zone in Luang Prabang Province, as one of the country's special economic zone. The development of Luang Prabang Province authorities to build part of the town plan in the suburbs of the capital, at the same time as the Laos Mekong River basin development plan. The sea has association with the Luang Prabang provincial government in consultation with the project, and achieved the provincial Party Secretary and governor cancon - representing Tavis's support.
3, Luang Prabang is the Mekong River shipping center, large quantities of supplies and materials from Luang Prabang by way of Thailand, Burma Mekong River to China. Prior to the completion of the old railway, the Mekong River was a major shipping line for the bulk of the Indochina peninsula. The old railway opened, through the "Iron River Mekong river transport will play with the old railway station Luang Prabang seamless.
4, the Luang Prabang government plans to increase the Mekong river passenger and freight terminal construction and development, and start the Mekong River Cruise operators
And scenic development projects, as well as (Mekong River) pension real estate development projects.
5, the Luang Prabang government plans to introduce foreign investment by the Mekong River shipping advantage and the surrounding location convenient transportation, the construction of the Mekong River Basin commodity exchange. Including agricultural products, rubber, grain, minerals and so on.
Two, "Lao Bolikansai - ang Yong (the) Hong Kong Economic Corridor Development Project"
1, Bolikansai Province in central Laos, covers an area of 14863 square kilometers, the West and the first
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