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The League will be held in March (twenty-sixth) report and the results of the 2017 big strategy signing ceremony to start the six
The sea association is "Chinese international economic and Technical Cooperation Association overseas joint working committee" referred to is Chinese Association Promoting the important official platform The Belt and Road "of the national implementation of the strategy. In order to meet the state will be held on May "The Belt and Road forum, sea association to implement the central Belt and Road Initiative work leading group in February 2017 the spirit of the meeting, on March 23rd in Chinese science hall held the March results report. It is reported that since this is the country to promote the The Belt and Road "strategy implementation of Houhai Federation of the monthly report of results will be held twenty-sixth consecutive monthly period, the monthly report will have become the domestic and foreign attention" Chinese Belt and Road Initiative "construction and development of an important window". During this meeting, the Federation will also announce the 2017 "six strategies" officially launched, and signed a cooperation agreement with the relevant units. According to the sea Association executive president of the 2017 "six strategies" is a summary of the past sea association organization construction resource accumulation, ride "The Belt and Road" and "civil military integration" of the two major national policy, combined with the model of innovation launched Operation Mechanism of the consortium + association ". 2017 "six strategies" include: Chinese strategic research and command - Sea Research Institute; China strategic security and action - Sea Corps; China strategic materials and circulation -- sea exchange; Chinese strategic channels and distribution of sea China technology and strategic investment; financing based gold; strategic industry agglomeration, and Chinese sea base.
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China strategic research and command
The March report sea association invited the International Institute for strategic studies professor at the Party School of the CPC Central Committee, international relations and national research director Zhao Lei for the company as "The Belt and Road" into the key development stage, to create "The Belt and Road" landmark project "report. Zhao Lei is a professor of the Central Party school research project of "The Belt and Road" key "is also the host, The Belt and Road 100 forum sponsor. The content of his speech includes: international background, interpretation of the central implementation of the "1 Belt and Road Initiative" strategy; 2, the implementation of the "interpretation of the central Belt and Road Initiative" promulgated relevant policies; 3, different countries of China "The Belt and Road" repercussions; 4, enterprises in the interpretation of "focus on the direction of the force Belt and Road Initiative" the 5, in the "interpretation; community organizations The Belt and Road". Professor Zhao Lei is the national "The Belt and Road" strategic theory of authority, but also accumulated a lot of "The Belt and Road" successful case of actual investigation experience, for the enterprise in the analysis of how to grasp the "The Belt and Road" pain point, looking for business opportunities.
The meeting, the sea Association executive president in the multi witness, launched the sea Association 2017 "six strategies" and "Sea Research Institute", and in Ukraine's deputy ambassador tower of victory, original SWAT Institute Vice President of PKU Zhu Zhonghua, senior partner, Hongkong goldengrains accounted for Gao Tongluowan group executive director Xu Liqing the witness held a "Sea Research Institute" to start the ceremony. President Zheng Shuai pointed out: at present, the international situation continues to undergo profound changes, we are faced with the need to seize the development opportunities, but also face serious challenges need to be taken seriously. In the implementation of the "China Belt and Road Initiative" a new round of "going out" process, will use more "China thought", "Chinese scheme", "birth more Chinese model" and "China standard". At the same time, in the face of the rapid development of the world's advanced technology and equipment, we also need to study and grasp and through international cooperation in the field of landing in china. "Sea Research Institute" the Research Institute, and the economic development research center of the State Council Chinese Research Institute of building science, Dacheng Law Firm, PKU management consulting group and other units jointly build service Chinese strategic research and high-end intelligence command. At the same time, it provides strategic consulting, planning, legal, investment and management services for the major projects of the association. The sea Association will appoint former foreign dignitaries as an honorary academy and Visiting Professor Dong, has identified the former French president, vice president, Entrepreneurs Committee of the Eurasian Economic Union, former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, former president of Afghanistan.
China's strategic security and action: the Marine Corps
The March report sea association invited the National Defense University doctoral tutor, vice president of original SWAT Institute, China marine industry group vice chairman Zhu Zhonghua for the enterprise "The Belt and Road construction policies to protect the interests of overseas. "The Belt and Road along the country, mostly in the underdeveloped state of the complex country, the security situation is grim, especially the breeding and spread of terrorism, brings security risks unpredictable to China enterprises.
In August 17, 2016, the central government held "The Belt and Road Construction Forum, proposed for overseas investment must strengthen the security requirements of the CPC Central Committee General Secretary Xi Jinping:" to promote timely security, improve the safety risk assessment, monitoring and early warning, emergency disposal, establish a sound management system, detailed work program, to ensure that the deployment and implementation of measures to each department, each project implementation units and enterprises." In order to better carry out the work of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on overseas security requirements, according to the central deployment of the sea Association 817 conference, won the special authorization of the relevant departments of the state, play since 2012 in the preparation of the foreign security forces, specially planned and launched the "The Belt and Road" Five "international security system, organization the relevant units to form the" Sea Corps "in the implementation of. Zheng Shuai, executive president of the Federation of sea
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