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International Production Capacity Cooperation Branch
Under the influence of continued international economic slowdown and a slower growth of domestic demand, the contradictions of oversupply in some industries are becoming increasingly prominent in our country. There is general overcapacity in traditional manufacturing, especially in steel industry, cement industry, electrolytic aluminum industry, flat glass industry, shipping industry, coke industry, automotive industry, textile industry, power industry, coal industry. In 2015, the State Council pushed the policy measures of production capacity cooperation in particular, which will become the important point in the building of “the Belt and Road”. For helping overcapacity output of the domestic enterprises blend in the strategy of “the Belt and Road”, transferring the overcapacity industries to the countries along the “the Belt and Road” orderly, expanding new market, Overseas Investment Union of  of the Investment Association of China (OIUC) builds “the Belt and Road” International Production Capacity Cooperation Branch, which connects with foreign government on negotiating preferential policies and terms, conducts the overcapacity enterprises to transfer and restart. Specific organizations of the branch include but are not limited to:
  1. “The Belt and Road” International Steel Capacity Branch: docked with the Pakistani government
  2. “The Belt and Road” International Cement Capacity Branch: carried out the project of Kyrgyzstan
  3. “The Belt and Road” International Electrolytic Aluminum Capacity Branch: docked with Sarawak of Malaysia
  4. “The Belt and Road” International Flat Glass Capacity Branch: carried out the project of Egypt
  5. “The Belt and Road” International Shipping Capacity Branch: docked with the Indonesia government
  6. “The Belt and Road” International Coke Capacity Branch: docked with the North Korea government
  7. “The Belt and Road” International Automotive Capacity Branch: docked the pickup project of Tanzania
  8. “The Belt and Road” International Textile Capacity Branch: carried out the project of Cambodia
  9. “The Belt and Road” International Power Capacity Branch: docked the project of Pakistan
  10. “The Belt and Road” International Coal Capacity Branch: docked with the Pakistan government

“The Belt and Road” International Production Capacity Cooperation Branch is co-constructed by the enterprises and OIUC, and will provide better and more convenient service to the main output capacity units of “the Belt and Road”, docks with the overseas governments, fulfills the preferential measures of transferring projects, tried to get the policy support of the Chinese government, capital and cooperation platform etc. through OIUC, in order to prepare for the overcapacity output. Meanwhile, the platform of OIUC will directly recommend the capacity products to the user of “the Belt and Road”, and also recommend to the foreign embassies and invest promotion organizations in China to expand the market. By now, there have been built several branches such International Cement Capacity Branch, and signed international production capacity projects in Southeast Asia, Middle Asia and Africa. In order to help enterprises get more chances of docking foreign production capacity, a special platform of managing funds was established. China Overseas Investment which is abbreviated to “COI” established COI (Beijing) Cement International Investment Fund Management Limited to operate the platform. It is both the project signed enterprise and the financial platform.

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