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The key to promote (3 + 2), the central economic and cultural corridor project - 2017 the silk road well-being in the fourth session of Chinas overseas investment BBS in the New Year
On the morning of December 16, 2016, 2017 the silk road well-being in the fourth session of Chinas overseas investment in the New Year BBS news conference in Beijing changan one BanShanShang palace. Conference, maoming ethylene industry group co., LTD., chairman of Mr Marks at the scene of the event as a central (3 + 2) in the economic and cultural corridor project.
Key security and supporting the old railway services - 2017 the silk road well-being in the fourth session of Chinas overseas investment BBS in the New Year
December 25 in Laos post he held Laos state railway comprehensive opening ceremony, the Laotian deputy prime minister, is also contributing to Laos railway Laos leaders attended the opening ceremony.
Changan one BanShanShang palace. International exchange club - 2017 the silk road well-being the fourth session of Chinas overseas investment in the New Year BBS to undertake
In 2016, is Chinas full implementation of area strategy of the years of landing, has more than 100 countries and international organizations to participate in the world. Our country along with more than 30 countries neighbourhood cooperation agreement signed, with more than 20 countries to carry out international cooperation capacity, a number of influential landmark projects gradually fall to the ground. On January 16, 2017 in Beijing at the fourth session of Chinas overseas investment in the New Year BBS in the recently held a press conference, and published the BBS theme of silk road well-being. Organizing committee put forward at the 4th Chinas overseas investment in the New Year, chairman of the BBS aims to promote and implement jinping on August 18, promoting the construction of area central work symposium instructions spirit: summing up experience and confidence made solid progress, one
Style: China branch overseas investment Association Thailand branch committee Ma Teng
The sea Thailand Branch Association Committee after the establishment of close communication with senior Thailand, when the first time that the new government in Thailand will be an exception issued two potash prospecting mining warrants exclusive news, the first time to union federation report. Because China is potassium deficient country, rely on a large number of overseas buyers and suffering in the world potash oligopoly price curse problem, for the national food security and agricultural development, overseas potash mining right is an important national strategic needs. The sea association president Zheng Shuai will immediately personally and the sea Thailand Branch Association Committee consultations, through various efforts have access to the exclusive agency and mining right and prospecting potash opportunities for cooperation, 2016 will be the implementation of.
Union will actively promote the love others, Yi + Pro and drops charity
Union will actively promote social charity, traffic engineering branch organized clothing + Pro donation, Shandong branch organized peer love activities ZhuCan, international risk management branch launched the bit service platform, various activities to promote the development of social welfare, has been widely welcomed.
Shandong branch of the Federation has developed more than and 500 members
In March 24th, the sea Association held to build a The Belt and Road March report in Tianjin Binhai New Area, the sea Shandong Branch Association executive president Yu Fan delivered a keynote speech, the Shandong branch of the work report. In the listing of 3 months or so, the Shandong branch has developed a membership of more than and 500, Shandong enterprises have shown considerable enthusiasm for overseas markets.
Sea Union mission delegation visited Malaysia johor
In March 24th, President of the Federation of sea mission by Vice President Xu Yixuan, Guangdong branch secretary Liu Xin, Deputy Secretary General Li autumn of the Malaysia delegation to Johor in Malaysia overseas Chinese Chen Zaifan, under the guidance of the teacher, and the Johore state executive members take Mr Zheng Xiu to visit the exchange. Mr. Zheng Xiuqiang is very welcome the arrival of the mission, but also hoping to let more people know about the sea Association Johor, bring more investment opportunities for johor.
Constructing the safety of overseas Chinese enterprises the Great Wall of steel sea Association Triton team system is becoming more and more perfect
The afternoon of January 27th, President of the Federation of sea Zheng handsome sea Association and security Joint Committee President Wu Guohua visited the Embassy in Pakistan, and the Pakistan foreign minister Mohammed Salim to discuss the sea Association and Pakistan joint security cooperation, according to the Triton team to discuss specific plan in the construction of security base project in Pakistan, Mr. Salim said, I hope that the team to escort the Pakistan Economic corridor! At the meeting, President Zheng Shuai stressed that strategic investment that team will be based on the domestic and foreign The Belt and Road to speed up the layout, as more and more enterprises and regional economic development, escort.
China Education Group once again to the new cooperation
Recently, the internationally renowned educational institutions in China Education Group and the national demonstrative technical secondary school Huizhou engineering schools reached a cooperation agreement, China education occupation senior manager of the site to 300 students about to go abroad to study abroad, employment, etc. to make a comprehensive and profound guidance.
Charlie, President of the China Overseas Investment Association, will visit Australia with a number of local educational institutions to promote cooperation in the field of education.
Chinese Federation of overseas investment, education branch, China Education Group Chairman Sun Charlie visited Australia famous university in Australia university.
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