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Hold ¡°Chinese Overseas Investment Results Exposition¡± in the UN Headquarter
¡°The Belt and Road¡± are put forward by the Chinese leaders, which have got support and participation of 65 countries along the line and most of countries all over the world. In the promotion of building ¡°the Belt and Road¡±, China has infused ¡°China Power¡± into the development of the world economy and the stability and sustainable development of the region, including infrastructure, production capacity cooperation, adding the state tax, employment, improvement of the regional transportation facilities and development environment, also including eliminating poverty, public welfare of medical care and education. To encourage more Chinese enterprises in joining the great undertaking and seek more support for China¡¯s implementation of ¡°the Belt and Road¡± from more countries in the world, OIUC will organize Chinese enterprises to visit ¡°Chinese Overseas Investment Results Exposition¡± in the UN Headquarter (New York) on Oct 1st 2016, and advertise China¡¯s ¡°the Belt and Road¡± through the world media.
Hold ¡°Chinese Overseas Investment Exposition¡±
The building work of ¡°the Belt and Road¡± should go abroad, OIUC organize the related units of ¡°The top ten systems engineering¡± to hold ¡°Chinese Overseas Investment Exposition¡± under the conduction of the ¡°going global¡± spirit. The exposition is centered on ¡°Connectivity¡±, ¡°Resource and Energy¡±¡°Production Capacity Cooperation¡±¡°Cluster Park¡±, including enterprise exhibition, product exhibition, project exchanges, capital docking etc. On May 1st 2016, OIUC will hold ¡°Go to ASEAN¡± exposition, promote Chinese enterprises to full participate in the cooperation between China and ASEAN countries in the first year of ASEAN Community¡¯s building. From now on, there is going to hold an exposition in May every year, including ¡°Go to EU¡±, ¡°Go to LAS¡±, and ¡°Go to AU¡± etc.
Hold ¡°New Year Forum of Chinese Overseas Investment¡± in the Great Hall of the People
As the important platform and connect channel of foreign investment of Chinese enterprises, OIUC has always undertaken the mission and task of promoting the construction of ¡°the Belt and Road¡±. In Sept. and Oct. 2013, the president Xi Jinping successively put forward two initiative, The Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road (¡°the Belt and Road¡± for short). After nearly three months, OIUC held the first ¡°New Year Forum of Chinese Overseas Investment¡± in the highest political palace--the Great Hall of the People. In Nov. 2014, President Xi Jinping proposed that the key of ¡°the Belt and Road¡± is to realize ¡°Five-Tong¡± in the APEC informal leadership meeting and strengthening connectivity partnership dialogue on Nov. 8th 2014£¬ less than two months, OIUC held the second ¡°New Year Forum of Chinese Overseas Investment¡± with the theme of ¡°Five-Tong of Silk Road¡± again in the Great Hall of the People. ¡°New Year Forum of Chinese Overseas Investment¡± has become the only New Year Forum brand in the Great Hall of the people every year. The forum invited Politicians and Envoys from over 120 countries, thousands of Chinese enterprises and financial institutes each time, summed up the successful cases and investment experience overseas during the past year, express appreciation for the support and help of the foreign countries where Chinese enterprises invested. It has become the most important transnational financial meeting in Beijing, powerful promote the construction of the Belt and Road¡± and the cooperation and exchanges of all the countries. In Match 2016,OIUC will continually hold the third ¡°New Year Forum of Chinese Overseas Investment¡± in the Great Hall of the People, the subject will be ¡°the Spirit of Silk Road¡±, at the same time, hold the annual result report meeting of ¡°The top ten systems engineering¡± of building ¡°the Belt and Road¡±.
Hold ¡°the president office meeting¡±
In order to know the problems and difficulties of Chinese enterprises in the process of exploring ¡°the Belt and Road¡± in time, OIUC holds ¡°the president office meeting¡± regularly, brings out the recent investment problems, trend and important information to discuss together, at the same time, listens to new projects and information that the branches got overseas, analysis the international politics, sums up the successful investment law. Experience is the best teacher, the record of ¡°the president office meeting¡± will be distributed to the related enterprises and report to related national ministries, provide powerful materials for related ministries to follow the trend of ¡°the Belt and Road¡± and come out the new policies. ¡°the president office meeting¡±will hold ¡°project investment seminar¡± and ¡°central enterprises and banking consortium docking meeting¡±, release , and publish the four partied requests of the project party, the investor, the sponsor and the sever related to the business of ¡°the Belt and Road¡± in the materials reported by the branches, let the information transfer in high speed to realize win-win.
Hold the results report of ¡°the Belt and Road¡±
For promoting the implementation of ¡°The top ten systems engineering¡± of building ¡°the Belt and Road¡± in time, OIUC holds grandly the results report of ¡°the Belt and Road¡± in multi-function room of the Great Hall of the People in Beijing regularly. The meeting will sum up the development and results of OIUC branches in the past month, and hold various signing and awarding ceremonies, invite signatory domestic and foreign institutes to discuss the development and requests, take the project landing and follow-up as the first result. The results report meeting will invite the leaders of the related national ministries and publish the news in the major media, and make the results of OIUC become the focal point of the domestic and foreign sectors.
Hold ¡°the national theme day¡±
In order to make more Chinese enterprises understand the investment environment, policies and quality projects quickly and better, OIUC has built connect channels with over 120 countries all over the world, especially cooperated 65 countries related to ¡°the Belt and Road¡± tightly. In the past, OIUC held successfully over 50 activities of ¡°the national theme day¡±£¬ which has become the reliable platform and brand activity for the foreign investment and Chinese enterprises. From 2014 to 2015, ¡°the national theme day¡± held by OIUC included: Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, and France etc. The activities of ¡°the national theme day¡± have attracted great attention of foreign embassies in China. The officers who join the activity are all in high level, and the cooperation projects are quality and welcomed by the foreign governments. From now on, OIUC will continue to hold an activity of ¡°the national theme day¡± every month, and make Chinese enterprises directly understand and connect the countries related to ¡°the Belt and Road¡± at home.

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