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 IOversea Investment Pilot: Executive director of Federation of China Oversea Investment, Zheng Shuai
         COIU Executive President    Marshall ZHENG
         In 2002 Zheng Shuai response to Guangdong Construction "cultural province" of the call, after founding cultural enterprises awarded "national culture industry demonstration base of national Ministry of culture". In 2005, Guangdong provincial Party committee secretary Zhang Dejiang, (member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, chairman of the NPC Standing Committee) inspection and the inscription, in 2006 was named "Guangdong ten venture star", in 2008 won the Central Propaganda Department "earthquake relief outstanding publication Award", to 2011 years received a number of provincial and ministerial level awards.
         In 2012 Zheng Shuai response of national development and Reform Commission (Document No. 1905) to encourage enterprises to "overseas investment" appeal, Beijing Founder Zhonghai investment (Beijing) International Cci Capital Ltd, founded Chinese Overseas Investment Association and served as executive chairman. Chinese overseas investment Federation is the national development and Reform Commission Director Chinese Investment Association subordinate units, to host over 30 "National Day" activities and "brand China overseas investment annual festival every year new year forum", build Chinese foreign economic exchanges of high-level platform. Has set up a number of enterprise alliance in domestic cities and overseas, guide the industry and the industry safety and orderly foreign investment, relying on China shipping investment company to "sea Association", "sea exchange", "sea fund", "sea base" four in one of the organizational innovation model enterprise "go out China go to the".
        2013 September Zheng Shuai response President Xi Jinping outside initiated the "Silk Road Economic Belt" and "twenty-first Century maritime the Silk Road" conception, planning to promote "along the way" plan to host international forum. After a lapse of three months later in 2014 January in Beijing Great Hall of the people held on the theme of "the first Chinese overseas investment of New Silk Road" New Year Forum, more than 120 countries and 1000 state enterprises to actively participate in the world. In 2014 President Xi Jinping formally proposed building the new Silk Road "five way", and "along the way" strategy up to the national level. Zheng Shuai in 2015 and again in January in Beijing Great Hall of the people held on the theme of "the silk road five" in the second session of the China overseas investment forum.
         Zheng Shuai launched the Institute China overseas investment and served as executive dean, research on overseas strategy, public opinion, security and foreign occupation education, compiled annual "strategic map" China overseas investment and overseas investment projects Chinese "library", and accumulated rich experience in foreign-related work. Zheng Shuai and America, Russia, France, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Malaysia and so on more than 120 national investment promotion agencies and embassies have good relations of cooperation, help China enterprise foreign investment, obtains the world leaders and Ambassador of praise.

 Brief introduction     
           Zheng Shuai, executive director of Federation of China Oversea Investment, who dedicates to the research on China oversea investment strategy for a long term, is not only an expert for developing relation between China and other countries friendly and economically, but also the designer and architect for building the bridge between Chinese enterprises and embassies of foreign countries in China. He has a deep perception towards the theme requirements in “one belt one road” by central government’s leading group, that is, to highlight the priority, solve current problem with long term perspective, progress forcefully and orderly, to ensure a well and stable beginning for the construction of “one belt one road” work.
        With the consideration of implementation of “one belt one road” deployed by central government, to match policy plan with enterprise reality, mix industry development with financial service and synchronize investment construction with countries along the line, Zheng Shuai, director of Federation of China Oversea Investment, makes good use of the organization’s coordination ability and the flexibility of social capital. With the advantage of the organization’s international economic information window function and as a bridge of international investment and financing cooperation, and the mechanism advantage of cooperation relationship with more than 120 countries around the world, he follows central government work group’s deployment closely and leads the planning and initiation of “one belt one road” to build ten main systematic projects and ten main boosting measures, which makes him the pioneer of China oversea investment! With comprehensive systematic ten main systematic projects and ten boosting measures of “one belt one road”, director Zheng Shuai guides and promotes the smooth carry out of this policy, to protect and escort the implementation of the state’s strategy.
         The ten main systematic projects of one belt one road policy that is planned and promoted by Zheng Shuai, executive director of Federation of China Oversea Investment, has became an important platform for investment cooperation between Chinese enterprises and foreign governments and embassies in China. It supplies comprehensive service of oversea investment for more than 2000 membership enterprises, ranging from large size state owned companies to listed companies and multinational investment and financing. At present, several industries federations and provincial and municipal branches have been set up. He works to build cooperation relationship with investment promotion organizations in more than 120 countries, organize enterprises to set up sino-foreign cooperation industry bases abroad, initiate China oversea investment industry fund, host the editing of annual China Oversea Investment Strategy Diagram and China Oversea Investment Program Base, submit oversea investment research report and policy advice to relevant government offices, for which, Zheng Shuai has been interviewed and praised by central government and state council for many times.
        Every year, director Zheng Shuai hosts China Oversea Investment New Year Forum held in Great Hall of the People in Beijing. This is the annually largest size multinational investment and financing event, which is not only aimed for China government departments to unveil new policies and for Chinese enterprises to exchange oversea investment experience, but also an important channel for foreign countries and embassies to learn about China open door policy and enterprise investment and cooperation. Apart from this, Zheng Shuai hosts dozens of National Theme Day activities every year and cooperates with embassies of Russia, South Korea, France, Malaysia, Iran, Canada, Colombia and other countries, which gains him goods remarks from important political figures and ambassadors of different countries and makes him significant bridge of sino foreign cooperation and friendly communication.   

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