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The sea association is "China international economic and Technical Cooperation Association overseas joint working committee" referred to is China Association Promoting the important official platform The Belt and Road "of the national implementation of the strategy. Chinese President Xi Jinping attaches great importance to the important role of the National Association of Chinese association organization, and attended the ninth meeting Chinese Association called on all associations to "face the world technological frontier, facing the main battlefield of economic, the national needs, for the realization of the two one hundred year goals, and strive to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation the China dream".
The sea Association founding president Zheng Shuai in 2012 by the National Commission on the relevant units to distribute the sea Association, aims to construct global civil society organizations and political and business network, help enterprises to actively guide China, orderly, smooth, safe and economic and technical cooperation in overseas investment. Through five years of efforts, the sea association has more than and 120 countries in the world and governments and institutions to establish a close contact, led China more than 2 thousand and 600 large companies and financial institutions to build a "The Belt and Road ten system engineering, led to the" six economic corridors "landing project, signed cooperation projects over $10 billion a senior dignitaries trusted partner China. Founding president Zheng Shuai has repeatedly been commended and interviewed by the national leadership.
Zheng Shuai, founding president of the association of the sea by the NPC Standing Committee Chairman Zhang Dejiang, Afghan President Barack Obama met with President of the United States, the president of the people's Republic of China, President of the Republic of China, met with President of the Republic of China, the
The sea Association as an important national foreign-related work platform, covering international relations "The Belt and Road along the countries and regions. A member of the royal family, including the leaders of all parties and all social groups and leaders of international multinational companies and financial institutions, as well as national important high-level experts and media. In the play a positive role in promoting security coordination and other landing areas to build a "The Belt and Road" major projects and project Chinese jointly with other countries. The League of nations and the Chinese Embassy in the world held more than 30 national theme day activities, received by the national mission. At the same time, Chinese embassies and consulates in other countries have also given long-term support to the work of the League of nations.
President Zheng Shuai, vice president of the French parliament, the president of the Indonesian parliament speaker
Thailand Deputy Prime Minister phinick, Eurasian Economic Union Business Council Chairman Sagan Baye J to visit the sea Association
The sea will keep good relationship with founding president Zheng Shuai and South Korean ambassador Kwon world, French ambassador Gu Shan and other more than and 50 countries envoys
The sea Association founding president Zheng Shuai led a delegation to visit by Chinese mission to ASEAN in Malaysia business counsellor, counsellor of the reception
The sea will maintain close cooperation with international financial institutions, the British government funds, the French Rothschild family fund, Abu Dhabi oil consortium, the silk road foundation and other institutions and the Federation of sea cooperation. A long-term partner of the Federation of Sea Silk Road Fund, also China National Development Bank, the Export Import Bank of Chinese units.
The sea will maintain long-term cooperative relations with the British government investment fund, the government China silk road fund etc.
In 2014 the sea will set up a command The Belt and Road "construction, engineering and construction of" ten systems of domestic and foreign enterprises". The "big ten" systems engineering has been in the neighboring countries and Chinese including "The Belt and Road along the country established 35 overseas working committee and the" sea exchange "project management platform, also contributed to the more than and 10 countries in China to set up investment service platform --" sea news network ", a dedicated professional research overseas take out a comprehensive third party service institutions financing -- Sea Research institute". Over the years, the Federation will establish a large foreign information database and network of contacts.
The sea association established diplomatic Committee in France and Malaysia were affected by the host government high-level attention
The sea will set up a working group in all sectors of domestic provinces, and the formation of local pools, "sea fund" and specializes in various types of industrial investment, the establishment of "Sea bank" financial industry chain related integrated services platform "syndicated sea". In order to adapt to the China enterprise hold together the sea, sea communities will play advantage, set up a "marine industry chain" supporting the organization and supply system, and security system "established the first system in overseas Sea Corps" - China overseas production and construction corps. At the same time, the sea association also organized the relevant enterprises in the The Belt and Road along important countries and provinces, to create a "sea base" - industrial agglomeration area and sea Holy Land "-- cultural tourism zone two floor brand project, the future will form overseas chain operation mode.
The Federation of sea floor Lanzhou building "The Belt and Road sea exchange, and sea association established" China overseas production and construction corps"
In recent years, the implementation of joint sea will follow the national high-speed rail to "go out" strategy, do a lot of work for the old Thai railway, this railway is the previous government public relations, security risk assessment and the industry development planning etc.. To establish a bridge between the provinces and the parties in the process of promoting the country's major strategic projects -- the "Pakistan economic corridor". The sea association also proposed innovative economic corridor Mongolia 3+ 2 Department of construction project, Mongolia government approval and support.
Sea Union will promote the construction of the country's six economic corridors and high-speed rail going out major projects and supporting projects
The sea Association held monthly to promote the "ten big system engineering achievement report The Belt and Road construction, so far has been held for more than and 20 year period; the year January, the sea Association held in The Belt and Road as the theme of" New Year Forum ", to 2017 has been held four sessions, each session of the forum will be the annual grand ceremony of multinational investment cooperation. Over the years, the work of the Federation has been affirmed and supported by domestic and foreign countries and the domestic community.
The association will hold a monthly report on the results of the annual meeting, held in January each year New Year Forum
NPC vice chairman Sima Yi, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee Qi xuchun,
Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, Changsha, Wu Guixian, vice premier of the State Council attended the activities of the association of the sea

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